Olive Sadeni was born to a Lucian mother and a Tomas father. Her mother, Pina Sadeni, was from Venice, Italy. Her father, Daniel Sadeni, was born of a Tomas father and a Janus mother. She inherited the Lucian streak from her mother and went undercover. Her father wasn't told this, so he took her to the Tomas stronghold, which was the perfect opportunity to spy for the Lucians. But she got attached to many of the new friends she made there.The Lucians decided to ditch her from their branch, because she could give the game away. Her cover was blown by Eisenhower Holt, and she fled. The Tomas didn't trust her. She'd been ditched by the Lucians. So she got recuited by the Madrigals.


this character is owned by MadrigalEkat

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